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18-year-old Hauwa lives with her extended family of 18 in Tumfafi in Northern Nigeria. Tumfafi, has just one health centre with only five staff to serve a population of 14,000. Hauwa left school at age 15 but due to missing credits was unable to enrol to be a health worker however the Women for Health team encouraged her to register for the Foundation Year Programme(FYP) at the health training institute. With her credits, she was eligible to take the Foundation Year Bridging Programme gaining the two additional credits required to join the mainstream midwifery course.



Delivering success photgraphThe Challenge
In Northern Nigeria, a lack of female health providers, including skilled birth attendants, is one of the key constraints to improving maternal and newborn health outcomes. The shortages are particularly evident and problematic in rural areas where cultural norms prevent women from being seen by a male health provider. As a result, a high 85% of women in the north deliver without skilled delivery care, compared to 35% in the south of the country.