0U7A1756Women for Health: The Journey is a report of the evolution and progress of the Women for Health programme in five states in northern Nigeria. This report tracks the evolution of the implementation phase of the Women for Health programme. It notes specific achievements to date and highlights the critical factors that have contributed to its success. It reflects on important lessons that have been learned over the course of the programme and suggests steps for future action which can be used to inform scale up of future initiatives.

0U7A2011This Women for Health (W4H) summary provides an overview of the five-year DFID-funded programme. The programme has contributed to improving maternal outcomes by addressing the shortage of female health workers, especially midwives, in five states in Northern Nigeria. The aim of W4H is to train over 6000 female workers by convening decision-makers, leaders and communities to address the barriers rural women face in accessing health training. W4H supports the improvement of health training institutes by facilitating the provision of an enabling environment including providing adequate infrastructure, maintaining accreditation status and financial management.