The objective of the Women for Health Programme (W4H) is to increase the number of female health workers, especially midwives, in training and deploy them to rural areas where they can have the greatest impact on maternal, infant and child mortality. The programme is keen to ensure that the evidence generated reaches a wide audience, its lessons are absorbed by decision-makers and the learning from programme implementation can inspire other states and countries in the region to take action.

We produce a variety of documents relating to programme activities which include:

  • Technical Briefwhich provide reliable and up-to-date technical information about programme strategies and approaches;
  • Programme Reportwhich provide an evaluation of programme activities, showcasing the lesson learned, results and recommendations;
  • Success stories which illustrate the programme‚Äôs impact on individuals, groups or communities;
  • Video which share the voice of the students, Health Training Institutions, State Government and Women for Health team;
  • Infographics and presentations which help to depict programme initiatives and evidence generated;
  • Peer-review articles detailing implementation research conducted by the Women for Health programme; and
  • Press articles showcasing the impacts of the Women for Health programme.

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