Resources produced by the Women for Health (W4H) programme

This section is a catalogue of resources produced by the Women for Health (W4H) programme. A key objective of the W4H programme is to share its lessons, achievements, and successes in support of closing the gender gap in service provision.

W4H is keen to ensure that the evidence and knowledge generated reaches other health training schools, its lessons are absorbed by decision-makers, and the learning from programme implementation can inspire other states and countries in the region to take action.

W4H produces a variety of resources including:

  • Technical Briefs which provide reliable and up-to-date technical information about programme strategies and approaches;
  • Reports which provide an evaluation of programme activities, showcasing the lessons learned, results and recommendations;
  • Success Stories which illustrate the programme‚Äôs impact on individuals, groups or communities;
  • Videos which share the voice of the students, Health Training Institutions, State Government and the Women for Health team;
  • Factsheets which outline key information on programme initiatives;
  • Presentations which share lessons learned;
  • Peer-review Articles detailing implementation research conducted by the Women for Health programme; and
  • Guides which translate the lessons learned into a series of practical steps to support replication and adaptation for those implementing similar initiatives.