This success story recounts how many living quarters within Health Institutions were seemingly beyond repair. Women for Health supported the rehabilitation of these hostels into safe, clean and productive environments for students to stay and study.

Author: Abdullabhi Yusf Sada


W4H’s goal is to facilitate improved accreditation status for the Health Training Institutions (HTIs) so more female students are indexed as nursing and midwifery students, as well as CHEWS. At the beginning of the Women for Health (W4H) programme, surveys of the hostels at the Health Training Institutions found that they were in need of rehabilitation and in some case new construction.

Many of the HTIs had been refused accreditation by the Council and Board, due to the dilapidated condition of the male and female hostels. In fact many wondered how students lived in some of the hostels. The accreditation team refused to give any commitments until the hostels had been rehabilitated.

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