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Community sponsorship in Jigawa State


Community sponsorship and bonding of rural women on the Foundation Year Programme contributes to increasing the number of female health workers and improving retention in rural facilities.  With 1:29 doctors and 10.84 nurse/ midwives per 100,000 populations, the ratio of doctors, nurses and midwives to the population in Jigawa State is significantly lower than the WHO recommendations of 72/100,000 populations. Furthermore, a rural imbalance of health care workers of only 20% of health care workers work in rural areas, means that much of Jigawa State faces a shortage of health workers.

Author: Robert Bature

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Engaging regulatory bodies to achieve accreditation

Engaging regulatory bodies as part of all efforts is a critical success factor in achieving accreditation of Health Training Institutions.

The Challenge
Unlike other tertiary Institutions such as polytechnics and Universities, the health training institutions are regulated by professional councils. These councils are charged with ensuring that the public has access to competent health care providers. They are therefore responsible for ensuring that nurses, midwives and other allied health providers receive a quality education that prepares them to provide safe, competent and ethical care.

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Improving communication and accountability between students and health training institutions

Strengthening the capacity for effective communication is critical in improving relationship and accountability between HTI management and the student body

Author: Zainab Abdul Moukarim

The Challenge
Communication is important in any institution to promote mutual understanding. It improves awareness, management responsiveness, decision-making and relationship building. One of the findings of the Women for Health Gender Audit of the health training institutions was that the majority of the schools did not have clear communication guidelines or mechanisms in place. Students who had personal and social problems did not know who to turn to and structures to ensure that students' views were heard were unclear. Research has shown that unresolved.....

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