Technical Briefs

Innovative approaches have led to an increased number of indexed places at Health Training Institutions.

Authors: Adetoro A Adegoke and Ruqayya Manga

Inadequate numbers of health workers is impairing the provision of essential, life-saving interventions such as childhood immunization, safe pregnancy and delivery services for mothers, and access to treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in many developing countries , .Increasing the number of health workers trained has been identified as one of the core strategies to improve this critical shortage of health workers. The World Health Organisation (WHO) in its report “Scaling Up, Saving Lives” calls for a rapid and significant scaling up of investment in education and training of health workers as part of a broader effort to strengthen health systems , .

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Advocacy plays a crucial role in not only achieving target objectives but also increasing overall impact and value for money of Women for Health.

Author: David Olayemi


A 2013 Root Cause Analysis on the low supply of Health Workers in five Northern Nigerian states showed that transformational investments in Human Resources for Health were required urgently. The analysis reported that in order to meet the WHO minimum ratio for nurses and midwives by 2030, the five states must greatly increase their nurse and midwife enrolment by huge factors (see Table 1).

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An innovative and cost-effective approach to training rural girls helps in production of more community health workers in Katsina state

The Challenge

In rural areas, the number of girls who leave school with sufficient qualifications to attend health training institutions is low, Moreover, the lack of community understanding and misconception of girl child education presents a serious challenge for the production of quality female health workers that originate from the rural communities. Poor financial capacity of parents to pay for education, such as health training, encourages them to marry off their daughters outside their communities as soon as possible.